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What is the “ Viager”?

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What is the “ Viager”?

Several types of “Viager”:

The occupied one:
Seniors who own property, occupy it and live indoors until their deaths are called the "Annuitant".
Several advantages, first of all with the payment of a "Bouquet" (Capital) and then the payment of a Monthly Amount  for lifetime with savings on the charges  In addition, the payment is guaranteed by a resolutive clause with a seller's privilege.

The “Viager” free.
 As above for the seller or annuitant, he receives a "Bouquet" and a monthly guaranteed life annuity.  In this case, it allows to sell an unoccupied property and this sale in life annuity is particularly well suited for example a retirement home retirement, which will cover all or part of the costs.  Another advantage, benefiting from an annuity, it will probably be higher than rent, without taxes, and especially without having to bear the vagaries of a rental and condominium fees.
It is finally possible following the sale to become usufructuary good, which allows the opportunity to occupy his property, rent it and therefore collect the rents with always a tax advantageous.  As a result, the sale of the bare property provides untaxed capital.

The “Viager” is framed legally and safely.