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The attractive pacific region

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French Polynesia, the heart of the region

As its the name suggests it, the region is peaceful. French Polynesia is a French territory that enjoys an ideal living environment in the heart of the Pacific.

This territory is connected directly to the American continent (the United States including Hawaii and Chile) but also to Asia (Japan), Oceania (New Caledonia) or New Zealand. The connections to Europe, Australia are very frequent.

French Polynesia is one of the safest places in the world. The rate of intentional homicide is one of the lowest (behind Monaco, Hong Kong, Iceland and Japan) according to the national observatory of delinquency.

Its taxation is attractive. VAT does not exceed 16%, there is no income tax, wealth tax and estate tax. The rate between the CPF franc and the euro is fixed.

French Polynesia is experiencing tourism (+ 21.8% between January 2019 and January 2018). It has significant and appreciated agricultural productivity, and is equipped with high-quality road and medical infrastructures.

Some properties of the region

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